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Fotocamere digitali
Fotocamera iCAM-501 con registratore incorporato

Intrinsically Safe
ATEX II 1 G EEx ia IIC T4, I M1
-20ºC to +60ºC

- iCAM501 Fotocamera digitale ATEX Zona 0
- Equipaggiata con flash 4LED, stabilizzatore di immagine e 3.1 mega pixel di risoluzione.
- Porta USB per trasferimento dati su computer in zona sicura utilizzando Picture Transfer Protocol (PtP)
- Tutte le immagini sono con data e ora ( circa 5000 JEPG foto )
- Registrazione vocale abbinata all'immagine fotografata.
- 1Gbyte NAND Flash memory




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Fotocamera fotocamere macchina fotografica macchine fotografiche
Fotocamera Centurion XPG
Digital Camera Centurion XPG ATEX 2G Ex d IIC T4 Gb, I 1M2
Centurion XPG

( a note the camera is made in black color!)

In the harsh and demanding petrochemical environment a digital camera is needed which is robust enough to provide reliable operation and clarity of image. The Atex CorDex Centurion XPG camera  is equipped with a 5 million pixel detector array with onboard interpolation options allowing an increase in image resolution to 10 million pixels.
A 4x digital zoom allows the
Atex CorDex Centurion XPG camera to be used for both intricate plant details and wide area shots.

The Atex CorDex Centurion XPG camera Onboard memory options range from 512Mb to 2Gb which can allow thousands of pictures to be stored onboard (depending upon selected resolution). Images and movies can be searched within the explosive area quickly via the keypad and are viewed on the bright 2.5” TFT screen..

Atex camera Cordex Centurion XPG Camera is designed for all weather day/night operation and incorporates a high intensity strobe flash for low light work. Operating in the same manner as a standard digital camera,
The Atex CorDex Centurion XPG camera can even compensate for over and under exposure caused by highly reflective targets. Its removable, rechargeable battery pack allows almost 3 hours continuous operation.
Additional batteries can be charged in the non-hazardous area for fast turnaround, maximizing the cameras return on investment.

The Atex CorDex Centurion XPG camera does Communicate and data exchange with the pc performed in the non-hazardous area via a high speed USB connection. The options for Movie sequences are stored in AVI format and can be replayed with conventional Windows Media Player software.
Still images are stored in JPEG format and can be manipulated with standard image editing software.Video streaming)

The Atex CorDex Centurion XPG camera  5MP is supplied complete with a charging station, power pack, replaceable battery pack, USB wand, user manual and CD. Additional battery packs and accessories are available soon.

  • ATEX Certified Zone 1 IIC T4 (Vapors)
  • Onboard full-power strobe flash
  • Upto 2Gb storage
  • USB communication
  • Removable rechargeable battery pack

Specifications CorDEX  5 MP Digital Camera Centurion XPG ATEX